Started: June 26th, 2023.
Finished: TBD...

This is a page for our thoughts on "The Stranger" by Albert Camus. We decided to read this book after looking into Limbus Company, as Allen's favorite character happens to be Meursault, who is based on Meursault from the L'Étranger. It took us some time to start reading it, however, I believe it was well worth the wait.


meursault comparing the sound to birts... so true -Allen

mr meur is embarassed... -Allen

autism -Allen

autism (2) -Allen
It's strange, I started getting olfactory hallucinations of coffee with milk as I was reading this. Of course he would enjoy some coffee, why wouldn't he..? (It's an inside joke.) — Mythos

The poor guy has autism, cut him some slack. — Mythos

Again, autism. — Mythos

Hm... judge you, you say? — Mythos

The poor man's overstimulated, clearly. — Mythos

this would be meur @ me (gayass guy in my little suit) -Allen

BYEEE WHY IS THAT SO FUNNY... PEREZ FAINTING (HE CRUMPLED LIKE A RAG DOLL)! meursault 🤝 montag: the autism way they describe things -Allen


I found this interesting. I have read quite a few commentaries on this book, and a lot of people express how Meursault showed or had felt no love towards Marie. But I believe he did, just in his own way. You don't need to outwardly express love, nor is everyone in touch with their own emotions. From the little I've seen already, Meursault is a *very* interesting character, just... highly misunderstood. And, the second piece I wanted to say: I do think Allen is quite gay for thinking this would be like us. But I suppose, it might as well be. — Mythos

And here, he feels guilt, but I wonder for what reason exactly. Does he feel guilty that his mother died? Or perhaps for not having anything more to say or show to others? People are expecting him to be sad, and yet he's fine. I see it as guilt for multiple occurances, not just any one thing. I don't blame him for lacking the "right, socially acceptable" feelings; Not at all. — Mythos

He dislikes Sundays. I couldn't quite gather why, perhaps besides him disliking the routine that people follow on Sundays. It's possible that it's too much of a change, or a negative change, compared to the other weekdays. Could be messing with his rhythm, structure that follows every day. Or at least, this is how I interpreted it from my own point of view. — Mythos