This is the page for our coined xenogenders/flags. Some are based on our OCs, while others are based on other medias.


A gender based on the character Noir. Relates to mansions, ghosts, the supernatural, the color purple, eyes, black sludge, fog, forests, and feelings of dread/anxiety.


A gender based on the character Mono from the Mono System. Relates to crows, roses, ink, the colors black, white, red, and yellow, traffic signals, warning/stop signs, nighttime, liminal or abandoned places, cities, blood, cartoons, formal suits, being nonhuman or a shapeshifter.


A gender based on the character King Star. Related to the colors black, white, and yellow, archangels/angels, gods, religion/faith, wings, sniper rifles, intricate gold patterns, long coats, travelling worlds, vast infinity, the feeling of purpose, justice, and righteousness.


A gender based on the character Mythos. Related to hitmen, assassins, formal suits, motorcycles, black gloves, money, guns, feeling low or no empathy, harsh, sudden emotions, questioning reality, and a sense of confusion or anger.


A gender based on the character Angler. Related to angels, divinity, hierarchy, royality, wealth, sense of authority, wings, white suits, halos, oblivious mind, being unaware of the world, and feelings of respect or devotion to an idol.


A gender based on the character Allen, my sona. Related to presidential campaigns, politics, propaganda, obsession in the unknown and supernatural, the colors red, yellow, blue, black, and white, and a strong desire for destruction.


A gender based on the character Argalia. Related to music, sounds, vibrations, pianos, scythes, the colors blue, gold, silver, and white, obsession, ensembles, orchestras, and losing sense of reality or being caught in delusion.


A gender based on the character Gabriel. Related to robots, angels, feelings of superiority, bloodlust, purity, rage, adrenaline, righteousness, revelation, and purpose.


A gender based on the character Whitenight. Related to the apostles, faith, religion, angels, demons, gods, clocks, the numbers 12, 13, and 666, rings, choirs, heaven, blood, scythes, feathers, and impaling, burning waves of pain.


A gender based on the character Big and Will Be Bad Wolf. Related to full moons, scars, wounds, blood, hunting, instincts, wolves, beasts, fur, shadows, gunshots, dark forests, the colors blue and black, and defeat.