Fahrenheit 451

Recently, I've been re-reading Fahrenheit 451 because of a character I'm working on. I've been playing Limbus Company, so I wanted to make my own Sinner OC based on a book, and Fahrenheit 451 is one of the very few books I remember reading. Here, I'll be sharing my live thoughts on different parts of the book. I'll just be copy and pasting my thoughts from Twitter, so it may seem very messy. But it doesn't matter! This is for me, myself, and I.

Started reading: April 22, 2023.
Finished reading: TBD

okay sorry.. 451 thread is real. the beginning of the book is so good this is always in my mind, this line and this description. What is he cooking‼️‼️🔥🔥🔥 —🌹

what are you smiling about huh? gay people? gay smile? Sorry thats just not true but what if. reality can be whatever i LIMBUS COMPANYY (making sinners very queer). i wonder if it is an eerie smile, i think no matter how you look at it, it would be - his smile full of ignorance —🌹

gayest description ever 😭 such a lax guy compared to what i made him out to be, though, it makes sense to me. i may think about using his fireman helmet as the symbol/logo of the sinner... perhaps? unsure yet. —🌹

OH... salamander and a phoenix..... i could use these for symbols too... i had already wrote down firebird from lobotomy corporation as an ego, it fits very well! —🌹

hes so cute. ← [ DELUSIONAL ] —🌹

so he is 30... my sinner oc Montag is around that age, or maybe a little older, i have not chosen yet —🌹

its always so interesting to see authors reference other creations theyve made... or any sort of creative work, for that matter, like games or shows... references >>> its just so silly —🌹

srry i know it means he cried as in, shouting loudly, but to imagine him suddenly breaking down at being asked if he was happy is really funny and sad ajgdhfb —🌹

maan i want to kiss him... ← delusional. but... really, it's interesting to see how he changes. after being ignorant and blindly following orders for so long... yet he would save books and break the law... without knowing why he was doing it... he is actively choosing to be ignorant —🌹

i feel like this part of montag is what i based my oc off of... his anger towards the world and people around him, realizing everyone is so dumb and ignorant, that they just talk and talk and talk and never think or listen... and montag wants to be more than just that —🌹

2 things here. he dislikes his wife for being the same as everyone else, too indulgent in technology and not caring about him nor thinking about Anything for that matter. and the last line... he is aware, recognizing time and his surroundings much more than before —🌹

This part of montag.... im keeping this, sinner montag will always love listening to others thoughts. And being a little silly quirked up —🌹

I feel so bad for him sjsbnf. PERSONALLY, I WOULD TREAT HIM RIGHT ❤️ (delusional) —🌹

its bc hes wonderful and gay and im in love with him WHAT... Oh god 🥹🥹 this is insane of me —🌹

Autism. yes, maybe he would be interested in mechanical constructions, or maybe he's intrigued by the fact that it can hunt (so hes interested in the way it effectively kills its targets rather than the mechanics). maybe both, no limits when it comes to making OCs —🌹

he is very paranoid and rightfully so... actually, i did describe one of my sinners particulars to have paranoid episodes, so it fits very well, i think... he doesnt trust anyone in fear of being caught, and in limbus, the reason might instead be in fear of being killed/hurt —🌹

this is just insane. but looking at it, yeah, i think montag finds thought and consciousness most interesting, and obviously feels very guilty and suspicious of others, but hes a bit dumb, hes not good at hiding his thoughts... he never had to before, i guess, so i see why —🌹

montag and his daughter clarisse 🙏🙏 best dynamic —🌹

"Something was the matter, his routine had been disturbed. A simple routine, true, established in a short few days, and yet...?" yes i projected autism onto OC montag yes im right yes look right here it says it. Very loud and clear —🌹

oughhh... this entire section of the book is so good.... he just so casually steals another book and yet hes so bad at hiding it, its no wonder he was caught but to think that he even has the ability to think for himself despite the position he's in... its very cool —🌹

back to reading ! I need to hold him in my arms and comfort him so bad (DELUSIONAL) Please let me sit by the fire and read to him and kiss him (DELUSIONAL) —🌹

Man. Crying at the thought of not crying, at the thought of not caring... isn't that actually relatable? It's very autism core to me, but I'm projecting. I feel so bad for him, there isn't really any words to describe how miserable his situation is, maybe, "hopeless" —🌹

And also, I love how he thinks so much - this writing is just somehow incredible to me. "The gibbering pack of tree-apes that said nothing, nothing, nothing and said it loud, loud, loud." As well as his randomly inserted comments ("How odd!"), very cute (hopelessly gay) —🌹

Thinking about this a lot... I love ray bradbury's writing style so much. Also average overstimulation moment 😭 A room full of everything would definitely be too much for any normal person —🌹

:( Montag... I think he definitely saw Clarisse as almost like his own daughter, saw her like a child he never had, even though they only knew each other for a few days. Ughfhjjjhh I'm devastated I need to hug Montag immediately and forever —🌹

He really do be full of guilt and disgust 😔😔 I can imagine he's trying not to think too hard about things, but he just can't ignore it any longer - deep down he knows how fucked up things are, and he feels so utterly, physically *terrible* about it. —🌹


Incredible.... Just so much, so much realization 💥💥💥💥 —🌹

INSANED. ABSOLUTELY BONKERS! ← (He falls to the floor and dies) —🌹

Absolutely fantastic... Fire is bright and fire is clean... (From Beatty) —🌹

Does he know? (He knows) —🌹

Back to reading again... Montags slow breakdown here is just so 💥💥 "I've got an awful feeling I want to smash and kill things." "I dont know what yet, but I'm going to do something big." "And I thought maybe it would be best the firemen themselves were burnt." So true.. KILL!!! mb —🌹

Montag's anger, so cool, This is a part that I really want to show in his character as a limbus sinner... He's so tired and upset at the people who let things just *be* the way they are. And his reaction to Faber..?? Montag has always been nicer, more inclined to be considerate —🌹

This description is really interesting, the way Beatty talks and everything... "swarms of black moths"... I think I'd like to give Montag an Ardor Blossom E.G.O... It fits nicely —🌹

He's everything to me ♡♡ Srrygdhdj,, My thoughts... of course it's hard to focus when everything around you is made to grab your attention, just like today. Montag... the fact he's reading in public, little fear nor shame, he wants to do ANYTHING for what he wants - understanding —🌹

And this. Nothing interesting in particular but I found it funny that he just does this time and time again. Let him in!!! He just wants to know more!!! —🌹

Possibly my favorite quote from Montag — "Nobody listens anymore. I can't talk to the walls because they're yelling at me. I can't talk to my wife; she listens to the walls. I just want someone to hear what I have to say. And maybe if I talk long enough, it'll make sense..." —🌹

He's so silly (insane). I guess it's true, he doesn't have anything that he cares about to lose... All he wants is to read and understand, he doesn't know yet what he even wants to do with that info... but he's certain that it will give him a key, a lead to finding happiness —🌹

A quote I want montag to reference —🌹

A salamander eating its own tail, maybe a good sigil —🌹

The way montag is still open to threatening people and dragging em into his mess, he'll do anything to get what he wants, not in a clever way, but a reckless one —🌹

Uaaahh. Im so. proud of him (insane). Giggling kicking my feet... Really... He doesn't want to follow orders blindly, he wants to think for himself. So he doesn't hate orders, no, but he doesn't want to fall into the same trap again... He would be more vigilant of what he does —🌹

He doesn't even want to *be* around these people he doesn't understand... which is, most people in the country, mindless —🌹

No passion for religion, he tried very hard to feel something, faith or belief, but there was nothing to believe... He's been like this since childhood —🌹

How do you describe this feeling... Like ice right under your heart, dry and empty, piercing cold, & lungs feel full. Its like you need to do something and do something fast. Adrenaline, maybe, anxiety, but this feeling that Montag is going through, we've all experienced before —🌹

"But he was not angry now, only exhausted and bewildered with himself." He quickly calmed down from his anger, which I needed to point out because — as a sinner OC, I 100% made Montag neurodivergent, and it honestly shows a lot in the book, too *@:$&÷^@: (projecting a little) —🌹